18th May 2011Posted in: press 0

TBS announced today they are giving the green light to The Wedding Band (still a working title), which is a brand new hour-long comedy starring Brain Austin Green and Harold Perrineau. [read more]

28th Apr 2011Posted in: press 0

We are excited to welcome Harold Perrineau (from Lost) to our Producing team! Harold is a friend and wonderful human, and we are very honored by his help and support. continue to read

2nd Jul 2008Posted in: press 0

Traitor. Desperate dad. Indestructible being. Tortured soul. Harold Perrineau’s Michael Dawson has been many things on Lost, and apparently you can now add “dearly departed” to that list. Michael — who had returned to action earlier this year after vanishing on a boat at the end of season 2 — seemed to be among the casualties […]