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Exclusive: Harold Perrineau clarifies the record on his departure from ‘Lost': ‘I was disappointed…I wouldn’t say I’m bitter’

Traitor. Desperate dad. Indestructible being. Tortured soul. Harold Perrineau’s Michael Dawson has been many things on Lost, and apparently you can now add “dearly departed” to that list. Michael — who had returned to action earlier this year after vanishing on a boat at the end of season 2 — seemed to be among the casualties of the freighter explosion in the season 4 finale on May 29. If Michael’s demise raised some eyebrows, so did some comments that Perrineau made in a recent interview about his departure. He voiced unhappiness with the end of his story line, which he also saw as having racial implications. asked him to elaborate on those thoughts — and to look back on his Lost journey. [read more]

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