Hey everybody, thanks for coming to check out our new song “Movin’ On”. Odd to call it a new song because I wrote these lyrics when I got fired from Lost in 2006. Good thing I didn’t do a video then because my ideas were scathing. Turns out the song is more fun and forward looking than my anger was at the time. That’s why this video has my family and friends in it because thats what the music is all about for me, having fun and sharing with my family and friends where ever we are.

Big shout outs to everybody that came over to be in this video. We had a great time. Thanks to Michael Greene for directing and shooting it. And as always, thanks to my partner in crime Tomo. We’ll just keep putting out our music, you come and let us know what you think.

Mucho love amigos,


2011 Fun: Hey everybody, I am not much for putting my family on blast on the internet. I don’t normally share photos or videos of them with the public, but last year we had a lot of fun playing around making small movies and recordings so we decided to share a couple of them with folks…read more.